Contraceptive Cream – A New Birth Control Method With No Side Effects

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A new method of birth control is an alternative to the pill and other birth control methods. For women, it is a revolutionary contraceptive. Instead of remembering to swallow a pill at the same time each day, women would only need to rub a small amount of a clear, contraceptive gel onto their bodies daily.

As reported on Oct. 26 by the Daily Mail, the great thing about this new contraception method is that it seems to be as effective as the pill without any side effects, such as the weight gain or moodiness experienced by some users of the pill.

The cream called Nestorone Estradial has been developed at the Population Council research centre in New York. The studies were presented at at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual conference in Denver, Colorado.

Research shows that women prefer this method the the birth control pill. So far, it seems to be effective in reducing pregnancy and should be available in the next few years. As an added benefit, women who are breast feeding would be able to use this birth control method.

Women, does a birth control cream sound like a better option than the shot, an IUD or one of the many types of birth control pills? Could this be the best birth control on the market?

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