Controversial Princess Diana Film: The Real Truth or Fiction?

A controversial Princess Diana film called “Unlawful Killing” is under scrutiny. It investigates the untimely 1997 deaths of Princess Diana and Dodo Al-Fayed. The divisive film is expected to be shown in the United States soon.

Do you think this film will take away from the wedded bliss for the newly married Kate Middleton and Prince William? After all, Princess Diana is Prince William’s mother; and William is quite defensive of his mother. Will the United Kingdom work at stopping the release of the controversial Princess Diana film?

Did you realize that “Unlawful Killing” was financed by Al-Fayed’s father, even though it was directed by Keith Allen? The controversial film paints a picture of murder rather than a car accident. The film shows “gross negligence from their limo driver and the pursuant paparazzi was tainted by evidence kept under wraps.”

The Princess Diana movie indicated that Al-Fayed and her death was part of a bigger conspiracy plot. The movie was displayed at the Cannes Film Festival, and it drew lots of mixed reaction and lots of criticism. Could it be true that there was a plot to unlawfully murder the Princess and her boyfriend?

Certainly the United Kingdom will throw lots of money to stop the airing of this film in the United States. The country has libel laws, which would cause the film to be excessively editing if it did air. So what would be the point of watching the Princess Diana film if it is heavily edited? Will the truth ever be known about Princess Diana and her boyfriend if the movies is squashed? Would you watch the controversial film?

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