Cookie Monster YouTube Video ‘Share Me Maybe’ Hits a Million Views in One Day

Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe” may be taking over the radio waves, but the Cookie Monster YouTube video “Share It Maybe” is taking over YouTube. Within 24 hours of being loaded onto the video social site, it has over a million views. The kid-friendly video has Cookie Monster singing, “get skim milk flowing, we’ll get this snack going.”

Usually videos that go viral are uploaded by random people that gain fame online overnight. However, this video was uploaded by Sesame Street. From cool dance moves to lyrics that talk about sharing, girl scouts, and healthy milk options, this is one YouTube video parents will want their children watching over and over.

News channels everywhere are sharing the feel good spoof, and it is on its way to becoming this summer’s big hit. From farmers singing “I’m Farming and I Grow It” to Monsters singing about sharing cookies, Google’s video site is buzzing with food parodies this summer.

What song would you like to see a food parody about? Would you share a cookie with the big blue monster?

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