Silly title since I don't really cook.  I prepare, I mix, I combine, I heat… but I don't cook.

In my last long term relationship – lasted five years, not too shabby – I cooked.  I made elaborate breakfasts – home fries (from scratch), veggie omelets, along with toast and sausages.  This was weekends only – I'm not totally crazy.  I spent a lot of time in my boyfriend's apartment.  Actually it was his parents' apartment as he still lived at home.  His mother had a dream to not know where the kitchen was, so she was glad to relinquish the kitchen to me.

I like to cook when there's an audience.  Not an audience of ONE (me).

During the time I spent there, I did NO cooking at home.  I did so little cooking that I NEVER used the stove.  Due to this disuse, the tube that led from the gas outlet to the stove corroded.  There was a gas leak and the outlet was capped.  The stove was removed.  I use a combination of two machines – a toaster oven and a microwave.

I eat a LOT of salads, and a lot of dishes with a base of brown rice.  I get Middle Eastern canned goods – huge fava beans in sauce or roasted eggplant in a tomato sauce.  I add those to brown rice along with feta cheese.  Excellent.

I also eat garbanzos (Goya has a cooked-in-sauce variety) with the brown rice. 

Lately, I found that there are packages of tuna, salmon or chicken that are pre-seasoned – I can mix them with veggies and the brown rice.

Yesterday I'd gone to the Whole Foods Market. Along with the rest of the groceries, I'd picked up a pineapple/mango salsa.  I've gotten the mango salsa frequently and it's rather mild.  This was much spicier – not something I want plain on the salad.

So, I concocted:  brown rice, the packaged chicken in southwestern spices, shredded carrots, small can of corn and the salsa.  Wow!  Good combination of flavors – spreading the salsa around made the bite more manageable for me – between the corn and the rice, more complete protein as the size of the chicken portion is rather small. Everything worked well together – and that's the extent of my cooking these days.

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