Cool Places around Cleveland

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Here’s some new posts from my blog, What’s In Cleveland? about some cool stuff in the area. If you’re in town you should come check some of these things out!

Beachwood Place Mall – An upscale mall on the East side.

Cafe Sausalito – An OK Restaurant downtown

Reddstone Restaurant – An upscale restaurant and bar in Battery Park

Yours Truly of Chagrin Falls – American food in the touristy area of Chagrin Falls

Hunan of Lyndhurst (China Sea) – Good Chinese food on the East side

Sweet Melissa’s – An upscale restaurant in Rocky River’

Big Fun – A unique toy store with rare and strange nostalgia toys, a photobooth, and lots of bumperstickers and key chains and local-interest stuff

Golden Dragon – More east side Chinese food. Can you tell Chinese food is my favorite?

Wall Eye – A gallery in Gordon Square area of Cleveland. (Gordon Square is full of art galleries, little restaurants, shops, and stuff… it’s another touristy part of Cleveland and it just got revitalized)


So that’s what I’ve got so far! Hope it’s helpful to Cleveland-bound travelers!


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