Coptic Christians Beheaded…in New Jersey [Video]

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Two Coptic Christians studying in the United States have been allegedly decapitated by 28-year-old Yusuf Ibrahim, a Muslim man and Indiana native, in New Jersey. The suspect also cut off the hands of his victims and buried the bodies in a backyard.

The barely-reported story is found on CopticWorld and was featured on the local news. The alleged killer is in custody, although his motive is not yet known. The Coptics are under attack in Egypt, as it was recently reported by the Christian Post that an “armed Islamic movement” called the “Brigade of Muslims” is asking them “to pay tribute.” Additionally, although they are abroad, an Egyptian court recently ruled that the seven Coptics “who took part in the anti-Muslim YouTube video that was initially blamed for the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th be put to death.” The treatment of Coptic Christians is inexcusable and begs the question, why is the United States sending money and military support to Egypt?

The New York Daily News reported that Ibrahim was driving a white Mercedes that belonged to one of the victims. The vehicle, which had been set on fire, was found abandoned in Philadelphia. Hopefully the killer will be brought to justice for the gruesome crime and the loved ones of the victims will eventually find peace. There are no words to describe how their families must be suffering.

Watch the Local News Report here:

Image Source: New Jersey State Police via NYDailyNews

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