Corey Harrison: Star of ‘Pawn Stars’ Arrested on Suspicion of Battery!

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Corey Harrison, star of Pawn Stars, was arrested and held on suspicion of battery after a bar fight on Sunday. Harrison is known as the “Big Hoss” in the Las Vegas reality show.“Big Hoss” Corey Harrison was apparently drunk as a skunk at a bar when he and a customer started a shoving match. When police arrived, the reality star took them on like ice cream to pie!

Interestingly, in Pawn Stars, Harrison always gets picked on by his dad, Rick Harrison AKA “The Spotter.” Perhaps, Corey was tired of being his dad’s verbal punching bag and went out for a drink. The drink turned into several drinks and then the bar fight ensued.

“We did hold him for a couple of hours to let him sober up and then we released him. That’s standard procedure for us,” a San Bernardino County sheriff’s spokeswoman stated.

Sobering up in jail was probably an embarrassing and shameful experience for Corey Harrison! It wouldn’t be a surprise if he gets an earful from his dad. Will Harrison’s arrest make it on an episode of Pawn Stars?

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