Corner Of Paradise

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This hamlet tucked in Himalayan foothills

Has been captured on miles of celluloid

Themed in many picture postcards

Patronized by tourist tribes.


Spreading to the horizon during summer

Natures’ notoriety is seen

Finery and richness of plant kingdom

For centuries an opulence pristine.


Houses with roofs' of clay shingles

Lie helter-skelter yet neighbourly

Betimes where goats resignedly drag

Cheeky tots glued to swollen teats.


A rushing river winds its course

Through this haven to an estuary

Confluence at that distant nadir

Merges raciness with serenity.


Winter brings freezing rigor mortis

Movement lies moribund in sheeted ice

Thawing spring resurrects the serpent

Stillness meanders liberated to glide.


Spiralling leaves from trees on the banks

Caught helpless by the swift current

Are plunged in merry-go-round eddies

Riding giddily on funnelling circles.


Fish break the surface in silvery arcs

Seeking gourmet delights

Dragonflies dodging obscene mouths

Hyperventilate on sheltering reeds.


Strolling through ranks of droopy poppies

Intoxicated with heady jasmine

Contemplate on life I’ve lived here

Age liberated could be forever.


Eternity where souls must gather

If over occupied by the time I arrive

Foregoing august company I’d hasten back

To this unsullied corner of paradise.

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