Cory Monteith Can’t Stop Staring at Lea Michele

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Cory Monteith and Lea Michele sure do make a cute couple on and off the screen. Cory, Lea and several of their “Glee” castmates made a special appearance on Inside the Actors Studio. What made this interesting was the fact that Cory couldn’t keep his eyes off his girlfriend.

That’s right, when asked a question about their on-camera romance Cory Monteith gave a very long and loving look, deep into the eyes of Lea Michele. As Lea glanced back, you could cut the sexual tension in the room. Of course, the cast was on the show to talk about “Glee,” but this is where the line between business and pleasure seem to blur for these two.

What is funny is that some people keep calling Cory and Lea’s off-camera relationship, “alleged.” Between the longing glances during this interview and the two lovebirds spending a relaxing weekend poolside in Cabo, it is clear that this relationship is still in the fun infatuation stage. The question is when will Cory Monteith stop staring at Lea Michele… it is kind of creepy!

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