Cory Monteith ‘Excited’ about Lindsay Lohan! What about Lea Michele?

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Cory Monteith is excited that Lindsay Lohan is scheduled for guest appearance on “Glee.” The question is, should Cory’s girlfriend and co-star Lea Michele be troubled by Cory’s enthusiasm about LiLo?

Cory Monteith @ Toronto International Film Festival 2011“We’re super excited. She’s been through it all and I’m excited she’s coming to the show,” exclaimed Cory when mentioning Lindsay Lohan showing up in the “Glee” set. To say that Lindsay has been “through it all” may be an understatement. One thing is for sure, even though Cory is really excited about the “Mean Girls” star coming on the show, Lea Michele should have nothing to worry about.

No, Lindsay Lohan has a history of dating bad boys (or Samantha Ronson) in the past, so she shouldn’t sink her teeth into Cory Monteith. No, Cory is all Lea Michele’s. Hopefully, Lindsay shows up ready to work on the show, that’s for sure. There won’t be time to goof off around the set, with the amount of work that Cory, Michele, and their castmates put in on “Glee.”

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