‘Cosmopolis’ First Photo of Robert Pattinson: Is He Sexier as a Vampire or Banker?

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Is Robert Pattinson hotter in “Cosmopolis” than in the “Twilight” series? It has only been a few days into the filming production of the new Pattinson movie “Cosmopolis,” and the first photo has been released by the daughter of the movie’s director.

Caitlin Cronenberg decided to take the liberty to tweet photos of Robert Pattinson with Sarah Gadon in a car while filming. Pattinson plays a sexy banker named Eric Packer, while Sarah Gadon plays his beautiful wife, Elise.

2012 is when the highly anticipated “Cosmopolis” will be released. Are you excited to see Pattinson’s next film or do you think it will be a disappoint compared to “Twilight?”

The photos show a sexier Pattinson than the sun-starved vampire in the “Twilight” series. Pattinson has admitted that he would like to distance himself from the very popular series quickly. And he has been doing just that by releasing film after film!

Cronenberg was excited to release the first photo of the filming. She tweeted, “Hot off the press release! Proud! Robert Pattinson as Eric and SARAH GADON as Elise in COSMOPOLIS!”

She then added to her tweet, “ROBERT PATTINSON as Eric and SARAH GADON as Elise in COSMOPOLIS Photo credit: CAITLIN CRONENBERG.” Apparently she wants her due credit.

After looking at the pic of Robert Pattinson while filming his new movie, do you think he was hotter as Edward Cullen, the vampire, or Eric Packer, the banker?

Robert Pattinson as Eric Parker on the set of #Cosmopolis on Twitpic

Photo Credit: Robert Pattinson “Cosmopolis

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