‘Cosmopolis’ Is the Next Movie for Robert Pattinson

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The movie “Cosmopolis” is the next role for Robert Pattinson. He goes from teen vampire to a very grown up and wealthy Eric Packer. Packer is a 28-year-old financial genius that goes around Manhattan escaping assassination attempts, and making money.

According to The Huffington Post, “The film is based on the best selling nove by Don DeLillo. Paul Giamatti and Marion Cotillard are reportedly set to join him in the cast; David Cronenberg adapted the book to screen and is set to direct.”

Is the role believable and will Pattinson fans accept his new persona? More than likely they will. If they could accept him going from a magical vampire to a circus trainer, they can accept him as a financial genius in “Cosmopolis.” He’s got hypnotic eyes, so people and fans will buy whatever he’s selling.

As a financial wizard, Robert Pattinson is more acceptable than even as a vampire. Fans want him to be accessible, and if he is human and rich, he’s a better catch. Now if the fans can wrestle him away from Kristen Stewart, they will be happier yet.

Whatever Pattinson sells, fans will buy. It has nothing to do with his acting talent which is more than evident in his movies. It has everything to do with his gorgeous eyes, strong chin, and boyish charms. He is magical in and out of the box office.


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