Costume Picspam…

So, once upon a time, the Corpse Bride, a plague doctor, and Rainbow Dash the My Little Pony (all three based on or inspired by cartoons or animated characters) went Trick or Treating…


This was after the candy collection and Avalon’s posture is “I’m soooooo tiiiirrred…” She had been wearing some fancy silver flip-flops, but they were hurting her feet. Angus was pronounced scary, and a couple people thought Gareth wasn’t wearing a costume (C’mon, you gotta do better than that!) until he turned around. He’s trying to do the V behind Angus’s head (because that’s something Rainbow Dash would do), but didn’t realize his hat was hiding it. ;p
















Princess Bubblegum wearing her lab coat and “fumigation suit.”



Jeez, Scoot’s getting Huge! Avalon insisted he be included in the festivities. I love those steampunk glasses we found for Angus! I might swipe them. Angus’s costume is based on something he saw Princess Bubblegum wearing in Adventure Time, which in turn is based on real clothing worn by medieval doctors who only treated Black Death patients.  Nothing like learning a little history while making a costume!  We found a Venetian mask with a beak under which he’s wearing a black bandana, a Musketeer’s hat which was missing the plume (we didn’t need it anyway, but they gave us a discount), and we found a college graduation gown at Goodwill.  Black gloves and his grandmother’s cane completed the outfit.  He forgot the belt, and he was going to carry his Black Death Giant Microbe with him, but he’d misplaced it.


















Closer up on Avalon’s dress – we painted the bones with fabric paint on a pair of gray tights; one leg cut off made her arm, and she had one skeleton glove for her hand. The dress was all white to start with (it was supposed to be an angel costume), but I made sort of a stencil with cardboard and spraypainted a bodice, then used 3D fabric paint for the details. I’ll never buy the big set of little squeeze tubes again – they were way too blobby and hard to control. Then a yard of gray transparent fabric, and a blue gray flower wreath to hold it in place. She was wearing some makeup, but most of it had worn off by this time. And I totally forgot the white makeup we’d bought and the dried dead black rose bouquet for her to carry.  >:(














Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic




Gareth’s was based on this one by sasukeharber at DeviantArt. I kind of just free-handed the mane and tail, and overlapped the different colors instead of joining them together side by side, so they look a bit floofier than the original. The wings were supposed to have little secondary winglets next to them (like another layer of feathers), but the little machine I bought HATED fleece, especially 2 layers of it. I’d sew a length, take it out and look at it, and every other two inches there’d be one inch of dropped stitches. I finally made better progress when I just accepted that’s what it was going to do instead of trying to force it to sew correctly, and fixing the gaps by hand afterwards. I don’t think I got the ears on quite straight, and I didn’t have time to make the “20% Cooler” t-shirt, although I bought the transfer paper (damn, is that stuff dear!).


Rainbow Dash’s tail looks a bit like a parrot’s…and he is wearing rainbow socks, but once his rolled up pant legs fell down he refused to pull them back up again.


Attitude, I guess… ;)

And yes, we’re aware Rainbow Dash is a girl.  But not only is she a mischievous tomboy, I dressed up as all kinds of male characters as a kid.  It doesn’t bother me or his father and I don’t want to hear any flak.  Go read about the phenomenon of Bronies. 


Costumes in action…


Part of the front porch – Avalon made the barfing pumpkin and insisted it didn’t need a candle…

Hope it was happy, if you celebrated it…





By the way, if you have a problem with my son dressing up as a pony, Rainbow Dash has parting thought for you…

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