‘Cougar Town’ Actress, Christa Miller, Sued by Her Manager

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There’s a cat fat brewing between Cougar Town actress Christa Miller and her manager, Jill Littman. It’s a strange one, too.

According to Littman, Miller owes her $200,000 for unpaid commissions resulting from Miller’s work on the popular ABC show. The Hollywood manager claims that she helped Christa get the job, which the actress acknowledge by paying her 10% of her wages for the first year. Following that, however, no further payment came despite the fact that Miller remained employed.

What makes the whole situation strange is the fact that Christa Miller’s married to Bill Lawrence, who is the sitcom’s creator. That begs the question, “Why would she have needed Littman’s help to land the job in the first place?”

However, it would seem that some agreement existed between Miller and Littman in the beginning. Otherwise, why would Christa have paid her manager any sum of money?

It’s obvious something’s not right here or all the story isn’t being told. Sadly, it looks like it will need settlement in court.

What do you think? Is the Cougar Town hottie trying to cheat her manager or is the manager looking for a bigger payout because her client’s turned into a hot property?

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