‘Cougar Town’ Season 3, Episode 4 ‘Full Moon Fever’ Recap

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This week settles who the King of Cougar Town is, and it’s not Andy. Jules and Grayson reveal that they’ve been doing a little roleplaying with the policeman’s uniform from the proposal. Ellie and Andy are disgusted and want them to stop talking about their sex life. Andy is hurt when he asks if they want Ellie and he to talk about theirs, and they look repulsed at the thought of him naked.

This episode starts Sarah Chalke’s multi-episode arc as photography professor Angie LeClaire.

As Jules, Andy, and Tom reach for their morning paper (Jules wins and claims all the coupons), a bunch of boys on bicycles zip through and cut through Jules’ yard. She has no idea what is going on. Turns out that a new mall opened up behind the cul-de-sac and the kids on the bikes have been using the neighborhood as a short cut. The gang decides it has to be stopped, along the way they realize that Andy believes he is King of the neighborhood. A quick vote (of the gang minus Tom, of course) reveals that for the fantasy it is.

Travis has to take a photo of a stranger. Unfortunately, because he is still wearing the helmet (Lesson here? Do not piss off your show runner because if he’s Bill Lawrence he will make you wear a helmet for several episodes), all the strangers see him snapping away and point and laugh. So, Travis cheats by photographing Bobby on his boat.

His photo turns out really well, and Professor LeClaire is impressed, by both the work and the subject. Bobby sees the professor and wants to meet her, but Travis points out that yeuch, plus if she meets him she’ll know he cheated.

Jules tries to talk the bike boys into not using cutting through, but they’re not much interested in listening. Jules then sets a fake policeman (that uniform has all sorts of uses) on a lawn chair. That actually works until Andy turns the chair around. The King thing really has him upset. He even turns a hose on Jules. Andy sinks into a deep depression, and when he reaches burrowing mode, Jules lets him be the King. He Bravehearts it, complete with speech and lipstick face paint. The gang stand in a line, and when the boys don’t retreat, they fall back and the boys drive over what looks like a sand trap, causing the first few boys to fall head first over their handlebars. Probably they won’t be doing that again for a while.

Andy is so high on this victory that he wants to talk about watering lawns at nigh- Jules shakes her head no, and that’s the end of that.

Grayson and Jules convince Travis to allow Bobby to date Professor LeClaire and he does so, trying to explain that he had to cheat because of the helmet. He stops trying to explain once he realizes that Angie and Bobby have fallen into each other’s eyes.

Also during the episode, Laurie has a Twitter relationship with a maybe soldier with whom she exchanges nude photos. Ellie mocks her endlessly until she and Grayson dramatically read a Twitter exchange. They get verklempt and Ellie tells Laurie that they are beautiful together.

Oh and Tom has a new fountain. Jules steals it for a bit because it makes her want to pee all night since her window faces the fountain. She returns it with a few adjustments. Namely, instead of water, it now has wine running through it.

Cougar Town might very well be canceled, but if it is, that will be a shame. It might have a terrible name, but it does consistently bring the funny.

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