‘Cougar Town': Season 3, Episode 7 – ‘You Can Still Change Your Mind’

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Cougar Town returned this week, and it’s all wedding all the time. Mostly, anyway. Grayson and his one night stand have worked out a parenting schedule, and baby Tampa is over quite a bit. Well, Jill, according to Grayson, and Tampa to everyone else. Grayson has totally babyproofed the house (except for the stuck drawer), and Jules cannot get to the corkscrew. She is not a happy camper.

Jules apparently got the bottle open by breaking it. This is only shocking because she had to have lost some of the wine, right? Also, seems dangerous. Really, really dangerous, but at least she got the wine out? Please don’t do that at home. Grayson is flipping through Jules’ wedding photos. They’re really bad. How bad? Most of them are headless shots. Bobby’s uncle apparently took the wedding photos, plus quite a few of his penis, because why not?

Needless to say, Jules wants a professional photographer this time around. As she’s mulling this over, she pulls a shard of glass out of her mouth. Yeah. Which is when Travis walks in (sans helmet!), and shows off his portfolio. He’s been taking the beauty out of beauty, which is how Jules winds up with a beautifully shot severed toe on her wall. How did he get that shot? Nobody asks. And then it happens. What everyone knew was going to happen. Travis wants to be a photographer and he asks to shoot the wedding. Jules says yes (unconditional support, y’all).

Grayson is not thrilled, but not super worried since he had great wedding photos, one of which he still keeps up on his wall. Grayson is a tad vain. Jules dumps that photo and one of his honeymoon in the trash sink (the garbage can is also babyproofed). Jules asks Angie whether or not Travis is really talented. He is, but photography is not an easy career choice. Very few are able to make a living off it. Jules is instantly at DEFCON 1 on the worried scale.

Speaking of Angie, she and Bobby have a couples date with Ellie and Andy. Andy is predictably over the moon, Bobby is too. They walk and talk about how wonderful it is. Bobby wearing the Zubaz Jules had hidden in the stuck drawer that Grayson unstuck so he could babyproof it. Turns out it got stuck in the ’90s and it’s a veritable time capsule. Bobby and Andy jump for joy, and then come down fast because Angie is sucking face with another guy. Andy is horrified. Bobby is hurt. He thought they were exclusive, but he forgot to have that conversation with Angie. They have it later in the episode. She’s not ready and Bobby is so they break up for real.

Jules tells Travis that Grayson doesn’t want him to take the photos, but mostly it’s because she really wants him to be happy and safe and stable and is terrified that he’ll be miserable if he can’t make it as a photographer. Travis is crushed. Oh, and Grayson photoshopped (badly) Jules’ face into his wedding photo and hangs it on the wall. Jules is okay with it.

Jules calls Angie over to talk (and open her wine cabinet), and asks why she would encourage him in this. She gives Jules a photo Travis took of Jules and Grayson napping. It’s good. Jules loves it. Angie tells her that this is what Travis wants to do, and no one can change his mind.

Jules goes over to Travis’ and tells him she want him to shoot the wedding, and she’ll support him emotionally but she won’t give him money (yes, she will). They then punch and swat sharks on the house green screen.

Also this episode, more Ellie and Laurie bonding. In the time capsule drawer was a Simon, and Ellie mind games Laurie into playing. She’s terrible. Dead in three moves terrible. Laurie asks her why she calls her Jellybean/JB. Turns out that when Jules first hired her (remember when Jules used to work?), Ellie told her that Laurie was so dumb that she could probably convince her that jellybeans were worth more than money. When Laurie realizes how terrible she is at the game, she makes Ellie play it. When Ellie wins, Laurie asks her if she really thinks she’s stupid. She’s really sad. Ellie feels bad. It’s pretty shocking.

Ellie gives Laurie a math problem. Laurie does it and asks if it’s correct. Ellie says she doesn’t know. She can’t do anything other than basic math. She tells Laurie that everyone has something they’re bad at. Jules is stupid at babyproofing. Bobby is stumped by the English language, and Grayson can’t remember an order, and he owns a pub. Laurie feels better. That was really kind of sweet.

Andy, Bobby and Grayson take a walk. They’re all in Zubaz. It’s really hideous, but they’re happy enough to do the jig jump.

Have you ever noticed that Cougar Town changes its title card every episode? You can see some of the best here.

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