Could Harry Styles Actually Hate Louis Tomlinson?

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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson became BFFs shortly after One Direction was formed on The X Factor, but since then, rumors that they are in a secret gay relationship have put a strain on their bromance.

Because of the fan-created phantom couple, dubbed “Larry Stylinson,” Harry and Louis now have to be careful about how they act around each other—they don’t want fans to add yet another video or GIF to the other “evidence” that Larry is real.

However, is their friendship so strained that they actually hate each other now?

Singer Robbie Williams thinks that this is very possible. According to Fansshare, here’s what the member of Take That said about all the members of One Direction having to fake their friendship:

“I’m sure that in One Direction right now, there’s going to be hatred between certain members for certain things, all young and daft stuff.”

Maybe Robbie Williams isn’t saying that the guys hate each other so much that the group could break up soon; he could just be thinking that Liam Payne envies Zayn Malik’s hair, or perhaps Harry Styles is jealous of Liam’s muscles. Louis Tomlinson might wish that he had Niall Horan’s Irish accent, and of course, all of the guys probably envy Hazza’s four nipples.

Louis has gotten pretty upset about the rumors that he and Harry are gay, so it’s also possible that he now resents Harry because of them. However, it’s not really Harry’s fault that Larry Stylinson exists—the couple is just a creation of obsessive fans. Louis has also argued that Robbie’s allegations are completely untrue. Here’s what he said about 1D’s friendship:

“It’s such a frustrating question… I just don’t understand how you can see the way we are together—on camera and off camera—and look at it as if it’s being contrived. It’s so evident that we do get on so well, and I just don’t think we’re good enough actors to pull off that kind of friendship!”

Unfortunately now it seems like he and Harry have the opposite problem: They have to act like they aren’t the best of friends anymore.

So do you think that the members of 1D get along great, or will the group ultimately break up because the guys are starting to hate each other?

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