Could Jeremy Lin and Houston Rockets Court DeMarcus Cousins?

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The Houston Rockets are the hot new team on the NBA circuit thanks to their dizzying free agency work that culminated in signing Jeremy Lin. Could the young point get some help sooner than expected in DeMarcus Cousins?

Lin and Chandler Parsons overshadow Omer Asik question

A quick look at the Rockets roster says two things: youth and potential. Leading the way are of course Lin and his new wingman Chandler Parsons. Together they form an interesting core for Houston to build around. Head coach Kevin McHale knows all it takes to help build a winning team since he watched Red Auerbach do it for the Boston Celtics. Mostly it takes talent but also leadership. That is what the Rockets hoped they got when they brought Lin over from New York on a big $25-million contract. One other thing McHale knows he needs is a strong presence at center. That is probably the bigger question facing Houston. They spent a lot of money to bring young bench man Omer Asik over from the Chicago Bulls. Already a great defender, a big knock on Asik is his prowess on offense. Teams can reach the playoffs without a balanced center but winning championships is very hard that way. Asik has lots of promise but there was a reason Houston tried so hard to get Dwight Howard. The question is will the team look for an upgrade again next year?

Cousins unlikely to stay if Sacramento Kings struggle again

Howard and Andrew Bynum caught all the headlines in the free agent class of 2013. The days of centers changing the landscape of the NBA seemed like they were back, but a flurry of major trades snuffed out that bonanza. One name however that doesn’t get much attention is DeMarcus Cousins. His contract is up after this season and many experts think he knocks on the door of superstar status. Playing for a bad Sacramento Kings teams he averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds at center. Despite some faults like his off-the-court behavior he is a supreme talent who has likely reached the end of his patience with Sacramento. If the team does not reach the playoffs this season, Cousins will likely test his market value next summer. Houston is one team that can’t afford to ignore him. His large frame and skill match up with the best in the league. Putting him on the court with a high-energy leader like Lin and a steady captain like Parsons could create a force in the Western Conference.

Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parson form the new heart of the Houston Rockets, but the need for a sizeable scorer remains. DeMarcus Cousins may leave the Sacramento Kings. It is a match that could work out well.

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