Could Jeremy Lin Reunite With Iman Shumpert on Houston Rockets?

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Iman Shumpert has an uncertain future in New York given how the Knicks have thrived without him. That means the youngster may become available sooner than later. Should Jeremy Lin and the Houston Rockets place the first call?

Lin and James Harden handle the offense but Rockets need defense

It’s still not clear where the Houston Rockets are at the moment but it is clear they have put together a solid young core of offensive standouts. At the heart of it is fan favorite Lin and his new wingman James Harden. Together with up-and-comers Omer Asik and Chandler Parsons the Rockets suddenly possess the hottest offense in NBA basketball at 105 points per game. That kind of turnaround must get credited to their duo of young guards who both could end up in the All-Star game. For all the promise though there is good reason for cautious optimism. Houston can score with the best but they also can’t stop anybody from scoring. As a team they rank third-worst in the league in points allowed at 102 per game. Clearly every problem with their roster couldn’t get solved overnight despite the obvious improvements thanks to Asik. Unless there is a dramatic bump in their play it’s clear the next offseason objective for the Rockets is finding players to help. It just so happens the ever resourceful Lin may give them an avenue to explore.

Shumpert a forgotten man among New York Knicks

Nobody remembers the name Iman Shumpert. At least not without a second or two of serious thought. The young rookie made a name for himself last season with the New York Knicks before suffering a bad knee injury. Only recently did doctors clear him for practice and suddenly fans forgot he existed given how well the Knicks have played without him. Shumpert made a name for himself during an injury-plagued stretch of last season in New York when things seemed bleak. Then he and a young point guard from Harvard named Lin burst onto the scene to lead the team on an improbable eight-game win streak that got them back into the playoff hunt. During that time Shumpert became known for fierce defense, something the Knicks lacked at times with stars like Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire on the floor. No one knows what to expect from the young man when he does return but it’s clear things have changed. Coaches will always trumpet it as a blessing but Shumpert isn’t playing for the same coaching or the same lineup that made him a star anymore. With his contract up soon the time may have come for a change of scenery. Houston is the perfect place for him. He would reunite with Lin and become coveted for doing what he does best in playing defense.

Jeremy Lin can’t solve all the problems for the Houston Rockets but he can offer them chances to fix them. Iman Shumpert won’t reach his old levels of play for a while but when he does the team that has him will certainly have reasons to cheer.

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