Could Kate Middleton be Pregnant with Twins?

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Kate Middleton didn’t get pregnant right after she married Prince William, so the media has been trying very hard to pressure her into making a baby ASAP with a barrage of pregnancy rumors. So have they succeeded in pressuring Kate into possibly giving birth to twins?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the December 3 issue of GLOBE has details about how the Duchess of Cambridge has turned to IVF to get pregnant. The report says that Will and Kate are trying for a baby but that stress might be keeping Kate from producing an “heir and a spare.” If Kate has undergone IVF treatments, it’s very possible that the heir will come with a spare since the treatments often lead to multiples.

It’s not hard to see why Kate Middleton has been stressed out lately. She’s been very busy with royal engagements and traveling the world, and of course that topless photo scandal probably put her pregnancy efforts on the back burner. It must be pretty mortifying thinking about your future child and their friends finding topless photos of you on the internet someday.

There have been rumors flying around this month that Kate is pregnant already, so maybe the IVF treatments worked as quickly as Kate allegedly wanted them to. It would definitely be an interesting situation if she does have twins—their places in the line of succession could be separated by mere seconds. And the media would have a field day if she gives birth to a girl and a boy and the girl is born first since sons no longer take precedent over daughters in the line of succession. It would be an amazing historical moment after centuries of royal women getting skipped over in favor of sons.

So do you think that the Duchess of Cambridge will have a baby or two by the end of next year?

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