Could Kristen Stewart Play Casey Anthony in a Movie?

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Kristen Stewart seems to be the top candidate to play Casey Anthony in a movie so far, but is she really the best choice?

Since Casey Anthony was found not guilty, she’ll soon be able to cash in on her story in a big way, most likely through interviews, a book, and a movie. So, of course, the Emily Bluntspeculation on which actress should play her has already begun, and Stewart seems to have the look for the part — in addition to being a brunette with similar features to Anthony, she also does ‘emotionless’ rather well (although she does her darndest to look like she’s feeling something through the old acting trick of lip-biting).

Kristen Stewart will also soon get to experience playing a mom when she gives birth to fast-growing child Renesmee in Breaking Dawn, and this could really help her feel more comfortable taking on such a high-profile role. However, it will be interesting to see if Casey Anthony’s story is worth something more than a Lifetime movie, and if it is, Kristen Stewart might not be the best actress for the part.

After all, a lot of people already hate her for her less-than-stellar acting skills, and while she might be their Bella, many Twihard fans aren’t exactly happy with the fact that she’s dating their beloved sparkly sex symbol Robert Pattinson. So if Kristen Whip It70Stewart can’t handle all the additional hate that would come with such a role, there are plenty of other brunettes that could play “tot mom.” Of course, Natalie Portman is an option and definitely has the talent for such a part, but more interesting choices could be Lost star Evangeline Lilly, English actress Emily Blunt (who looks a lot like Casey Anthony, as evidenced by the photo above), innocent-looking actress Alexis Bledel, or even Kristen’s costar Ashley Greene. However, one of the most interesting options would probably be Ellen Page (pictured right) — she looks the part and has proved that she can play a mother (Juno) and a killer (Hard Candy).

So do you think Kristen Stewart could play Casey Anthony, or is she lacking the acting chops to pull it off?

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