Could Michael Jackson Have Died on 9/11?

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Could Michael Jackson have been one of the victims of 9/11? It’s possible if fans believe the story told by Jermaine Jackson. He says that Michael was supposed to attend meetings at the center on that very day. However, Michael overslept and missed them.

The claim is only one of the things Jermaine reveals in his tribute book, “You Are Not Alone Michael, Through A Brother’s Eyes.” It chronicles the life of the most famous of all Jackson brothers, including his rise to King of Pop status, his tumultuous life and his sad death.

In an interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush that begins tonight, Jermaine explains that Michael overslept and missed his 9/11 meeting because he suffered from sleep deprivation. However, his mother’s presence the night before made it possible for him to drop off and finally get some sleep. That’s why he failed to wake up to make his meetings at the World Trade Center.

Being forever loyal, Jermaine continues to try to dispel claims that Michael Jackson was a drug addict. He did admit that Michael suffered from chronic pain; something that came about as a result of an accident during filming of a Pepsi commercial over 25 years ago.

During the interview, he also addressed some of Michael’s weird actions, like covering the faces of his children in public. “(He) didn’t want them exposed all over the tabloids,” he claimed “so he covered them”. However, he says it was Michael’s then wife, Debbie Rowe, who first insisted the children’s faces be covered that way.

Michael Jackson left three children behind, two of them with somewhat unusual names. Blanket is nine. Paris is 13. Prince is 16. Asked if he saw Michael in any of his children, Jermaine said that Blanket reminds him most of his brother.

Still insisting Michael Jackson was innocent of claims of sexual molestation, Jermaine says his brother paid off the accusers because money is what they ultimately wanted. He said it was never admission of guilt, it’s just a way to get back his life.

Jermaine’s interview with Billy Bush starts televising tonight and continues tomorrow, September 15th. What other revelations might the Jackson brother reveal?

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