Could Michele Bachmann Win the Nomination?

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As the 2012 Presidential campaign season begins to heat up, there has been much talk about Michele Bachmann (R – MN) and her potential entry into the fray. The problem it seems is Bachmann comes with a lot of baggage, maybe too much.

A recent article in the Daily Caller points out these potential traps. Most of them appear to go against her “Tea Party” philosophy of fiscal responsibility. In both her state legislative career and her time in the US Congress, she has supported earmarks, over $3.7 million dollars in the US Congress alone. For someone who claims to be the “Tea Party” candidate, this type of spending is unacceptable to true believers of the tea party movement.

While Michele Bachmann can surely justify her earmarks, as all politicians can, this only shows she is becoming like many others, who preach one thing but don’t follow their own rules. We already hear so much criticism of the tea party movement from its opponents, someone who represents herself as being a leader in the movement should not do this, it only brings more ammunition to tea party opponents.

There are enough hypocrites already in the race or almost in the race, we don’t need another. People like Mitt Romney who changes positions on issues like some change socks, will have to explain such things as his stand on abortion which has changed and his stand of healthcare. Newt Gingrich who recently announced his candidacy will have to explain his recent remarks about agreeing with the individual healthcare mandate section of Obamacare. And if Donald Trump actually runs, who knows where to start?

Ron Paul is another candidate who has claimed he is the father of the tea party movement, but he also has some controversial issues, such as when he recently stated he would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act, which he will need to explain.

If Michele Bachman runs, the primary season will certainly be one where there will be plenty to talk about. It may come down to which candidate has the least baggage, and then would there still be enough left to ensure Barack Obama a win?

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