Could Mike Wallace Leave Pittsburgh Steelers for Arizona Cardinals?

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A team can never have enough weapons in the NFL. Mike Wallace is among the most dangerous. Given the outlook of his future with the Pittsburgh Steelers, could he surprise everyone in the free agent market by joining the Arizona Cardinals?

Market for Wallace shaping up post Ben Roethlisberger and Steelers

Football coaches put a premium on speed and nowhere is that more important than in the pros. Speed in the open field often equals touchdowns. Ben Roethlisberger learned this when the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Wallace. It’s the reason why the quarterback is so frustrated the two sides can’t find a way to work out a deal. Sadly that is the nature of business in the NFL. Wallace wants a certain amount of money, similar to the top receivers around the league. Pittsburgh isn’t willing to give it to him. Since they already used a franchise tag once to keep him, the cost and backlash expected if they did it a second time is simply too much to go through again. That is why the rumor market around where Wallace will go when free agency starts in March has picked up. Receiver needy teams such as St. Louis and Cleveland are joined by dark horses like San Diego in the rush for one of the fastest pass catchers in pro football. However, given a recent shift in the coaching landscape, is it possible the Pro Bowler could take his talents to the desert?

Bruce Arians connection to Pittsburgh trumps Larry Fitzgerald issue

Nobody was more upset to watch Bruce Arians walk out the door than Wallace. The offensive coordinator helped turn the wide receiver into a star. When Arians left and got replaced by Todd Haley, Wallace suffered a serious setback in stats and impact. Since then Arians landed his first head coaching job with Arizona Cardinals and has already started to assemble a Steeler-heavy staff including Larry Zierline and Amos Jones. Is it too much of a stretch to think some Pittsburgh players might follow? Analysts would quickly point out Arizona has too much money invested in their receivers already with Larry Fitzgerald and first round pick Michael Floyd on the roster. Still, a chance to get Wallace isn’t easy to ignore. It would almost certainly form one of the best receiving corps in football and allow Arians to put his focus on finding a quarterback and the linemen to protect him. In terms of the money barrier, veterans like Fitzgerald who are eager to win a championship would willingly renegotiate their contracts if getting a player like Wallace was possible.

Teams can never have enough talent. The Pittsburgh Steelers want Mike Wallace to stay but the price is too high. Bruce Arians seeks to get the Arizona Cardinals back on track. Maybe putting a Pro Bowler opposite Larry Fitzgerald is just the kick start they need.

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