Could the Baltimore Ravens Swipe Aqib Talib from Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

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A big win over Dallas felt more like a loss for the Baltimore Ravens as the injuries to their defense mount. With their best corner done for the year could the team push to get Aqib Talib from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Buccaneers defense crushes Kansas City Chiefs without Talib

Losing a top cornerback normally makes it tough for a defense to adjust. Apparently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t have that problem. Led by ageless safety Ronde Barber, the Bucs put a beating down on the hapless Kansas City Chiefs. They gave up only ten points, intercepted quarterback Brady Quinn twice and held rushing leader Jamaal Charles to 40 yards. All this got accomplished without one of their best players in corner Aqib Talib. A holdover from the Raheem Morris era, Talib hasn’t had the quietest start to his career thanks to a series of problems with police off the field. His latest issue with the league came when he tested positive for a banned performance enhancer called Adderall. This landed him a four-game suspension without pay. Some media have already called for his release but teams are usually hesitant to let go of a former first round pick. Talib is only 26 years old and a solid corner. Tampa may want to try for a trade to get something back for him. At least one team could listen to the offer.

Lardarius Webb and Ray Lewis highlight latest blows to Ravens

A 5-1 record never felt so pointless. The Baltimore Ravens have built their brief history on tough defense but the time may have come for a change. Quarterback Joe Flacco stares down the prospect of carrying his team the rest of the year after the latest game against the Cowboys may have robbed Baltimore of two more key defensive players. The team had already lost linebacker Terrell Suggs to an Achilles injury. On Sunday they lost linebacker and defensive captain Ray Lewis to a torn triceps and corner Lardarius Webb to a torn ACL. Their losses leave two gaping holes in a defense that wasn’t playing like itself through the first quarter of the season. Without them things threaten to spin out of control. Baltimore already struggled to stop the run and now they might not have enough to stop the pass either. That is why the Talib idea makes sense. His colorful issues off the field means he will come cheaper than most talented corners. In return the Buccaneers can get an extra draft pick next year to continue rebuilding.

Aqib Talib is a risk for any team to take but the Ravens can’t afford not to take them if they want to reach the Super Bowl.

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