Could the Green Bay Packers Pry Branden Albert from Kansas City Chiefs?

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Injuries have hallmarked the 2012 season for the Green Bay Packers but their biggest may sit on the offensive line. Could the front office find stability by calling the Kansas City Chiefs about left tackle Branden Albert?

Derek Sherrod loss has Aaron Rodgers taking too many hits

Green Bay started off the season handicapped. No one accepted it at the time because it was a team that went 15-1 a season ago and injuries hadn’t stopped them before. However it could turn out at least one of those losses could hurt the Packers down the road. Once again they struggled against an opponent in the Jacksonville Jaguars that was supposedly inferior. Aaron Rodgers got sacked twice, hit repeatedly and only managed 186 yards on 35 passes. The team stayed in second place in the NFC North but show serious concern for whether they can overcome their problems on offense with the defense already so banged up. That is why the news that promising young offensive tackle Derek Sherrod likely won’t make it back for this season from a broken leg. The team would love to have him available especially with left tackle Marshall Newhouse unable to protect Rodgers with any degree of consistency. The question then becomes is there anything the Packers can do at the trade deadline to get a jump start in the second half of the year?

Albert and Dwayne Bowe signify Chiefs futility on offense

If the Kansas City Chiefs weren’t in selling mode before Sunday, they were knocked into it afterwards thanks to the Oakland Raiders. Once again their offense looked lost and inept, at home no less. The frustrating part for fans isn’t that the unit can’t score but more that they have so much talent and are undone by their own mistakes. Kansas City as a team leads the league in giveaways. That tells a story of wins and losses better than any stat in pro football. It also could spell the doom for the entire brass at Arrowhead Stadium. Everybody from general manager Scott Pioli down to head coach Romeo Crennel may lose their jobs in the very near future. It also means Kansas City may go about blowing up the roster to scoop up as many draft picks as possible for the next GM. The two players at the top of the list are receiver Dwayne Bowe and left tackle Branden Albert. Both are free agents next season and are easily the best players on the Chiefs offense. Yet they go largely unnoticed thanks to horrid quarterback play. Bowe gets most of the attention but Albert is two years younger and playing better football than most left tackles in the league. Green Bay almost never goes after a big trade but a chance to add Albert is something they can’t overlook.

The Green Bay Packers still have Aaron Rodgers but not for long if the protection problems continue post Derek Sherrod. Branden Albert will come at a price but the Kansas City Chiefs will look to unload him sooner than later.

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