Could the Kansas City Chiefs Get Tony Romo from Dallas Cowboys?

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If the season is fading for the Dallas Cowboys, it’s already dead for the Kansas City Chiefs. Major changes are expected next year for both teams, and it could start at quarterback. Would the Chiefs take Tony Romo out of Texas?

Jerry Jones losing his patience with Romo and the Cowboys

Dallas a one of the richest histories in pro football at the quarterback spot. From Don Merideth, to Craig Morton, Roger Staubach, Danny White and Troy Aikman they have built an expectation of excellence from the most important player on an NFL field. That is why Cowboys fans are beyond frustrated with their latest incarnation Tony Romo. His skill set is better than most of the elite passers in the league and the stats show it but his uncanny knack for making mistakes at critical points in a game fan the flames of voices who want him out. A lot of the problem for the Dallas Cowboys in 2012 aren’t his fault. As it showed Sunday night against Atlanta, he isn’t responsible for dropped passes, missed tackles, and whiffed blocks. Yet as the quarterback it was his responsibility to cover up those issues and once again he couldn’t do it. Team owner Jerry Jones said at the start of the season the Super Bowl window was closing. Now at 3-5 he has grown fed up with the constant underachievement. That could mean changes will come when the season ends, and it may start at quarterback.

Matt Cassel debacle screams the Chiefs need for a quarterback

Kansas City is in store for change too, and not just on the field. Fans are fed up with the failures of the front office to put a competitor on the field. The Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game since 1993. GM Scott Pioli has had three years to work some magic on Kansas City and has one playoff appearance sandwiched between three clunker seasons to show for it. The argument is he has found talent but no leaders, and it starts with the quarterback. Matt Cassel has suffered through several coaching changes and never had time to settle into his job before having to learn a new offense. It wasn’t fair but that is life in the NFL. Kansas City likely won’t keep him beyond this season, which means they will enter the market for a quarterback. Most expect them to follow the route set by the Indianapolis Colts and use their top draft pick on a rookie. However there is a way they can avoid the obvious rebuilding stage that comes with that. Free agency will have no starting quarterbacks available next season, that is unless the Cowboys finally dump Romo. The Chiefs would look foolish not to sign him, and then they could ensure their future by picking a rookie in the draft. Thus they have a veteran who can help them win early, and a young talent to learn from him.

The Dallas Cowboys may call it in on Tony Romo after this year. The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t picky after four seasons with Matt Cassel. Scooping him up and then a high draft pick could put their talented roster back on track.

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