Could the New Orleans Saints Snare Kyle Williams from Buffalo Bills?

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Major player trades don’t happen much in the NFL for good reason. One screw loose and the machine can break down. At this point the New Orleans Saints may not care. Should they call the Buffalo Bills about Kyle Williams?

Saints defense easily the biggest concern over Drew Brees

As much blame as Drew Brees deserves for not playing up to his usual standards for New Orleans, his fault is minimal compared to the complete breakdown of the Saints defense. Through three weeks they have averaged giving up over 30 points per game. They can’t stop the run or the pass. Some will say a scheme change under defensive coördinator Steve Spagnuolo is the cause but a closer look show a much more simple reason. The Saints defense doesn’t have enough talent. Their defensive tackles are not effective at all while their corners can’t cover anybody without Tracy Porter, who left for Denver. Unless this changes soon the Saints will never climb out of their early hole to reach the playoffs. For the first time fans get a real close look at how important head coach Sean Payton was to the team. A year ago, Brees was a record-breaking passer and led the team to a 13-3 record. Without Payton the Saints have lost to three non-playoff teams from a year ago. It starts with the defense. They need help. If it won’t come through scheme then the trade market is their best chance to save 2012.

Williams overshadowed by Mario Williams and Mark Anderson

One defensive line that gets a lot of attention are the Buffalo Bills. Just two of their players, defensive ends Mario Williams and Mark Anderson took in contracts worth $115 million via free agency in March. First round pick Marcell Dareus also grab attention for his potential and his hype. Still there isn’t much argument about who drives the engine on the Bills defense and that is defensive captain Kyle Williams. Through three games he has three sacks, more than Dareus or the high-priced “Super” Mario. It would seem the Achilles injury from last season is nothing but a memory. Most experts see him back in the Pro Bowl when the year is over. What Buffalo fans don’t want to think about is what the team will do after the season ends. Williams is a rare talent at the tackle spot and deserves big money. Given how much the team spent on Mario and Anderson it’s hard to think they will sink their entire salary cap into just the defensive line. It is a terrible quandary. Williams is their anchor but with Dareus on the team they may have to let him go to save money. That is why the trade to New Orleans makes sense. The Saints have a wealth of receivers. Buffalo lost three of their best offensive players to injuries and have needed a second target for Ryan Fitzpatrick alongside Stevie Johnson. Williams is exactly the kind of player Saints coach Steve Spanuolo would want to build his defense around.

The New Orleans Saints don’t like putting their future in a trade deal but at the rate their defense has fallen apart there isn’t much choice. Kyle Williams is a leader and a dominant defensive tackle who hits free agency next year. The Buffalo Bills may just listen if a deal gets offered.

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