Could the New York Giants Steal Mike Wallace from Pittsburgh Steelers?

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No one would’ve thought a few months ago the New York Giants would miss Mario Manningham but that is seemingly the case. With the wide receivers falling apart, could the team pull a major theft of Mike Wallace from the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Wallace faces dark future if Ben Roethlisberger is seriously hurt

Wide receivers may talk the most out of all the football players in the NFL but they also aren’t stupid. Mike Wallace knows where his money comes from. Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger admits his teammate has the talent but none of it would matter if the two-time champion passer wasn’t under center. Wallace admitted that without pause after a rain-drenched win over Kansas City that his concern wasn’t over the game but how Big Ben was after he suffered a sprained shoulder. What he didn’t know was Roethlisberger also dislocated a rib. That injury is potentially life-threatening since the rib bone could cut into the aorta heart valve if left untreated. He is already out for next week and perhaps longer. For Wallace it couldn’t come at a worse time. His contract expires after 2012 and he had hoped to have a great year to maximize his market value. Roethlisberger was a key to that. With him out, it’s unclear what will happen.

Eli Manning can’t get Giants passing attack off the ground

The Giants on the other hand have offensive issues too. The magic New York fed off of in their Super Bowl run a year ago seems to have finally run out. After a 6-2 start, they have dropped their last two games, ending in a resounding beat down courtesy of the Cincinnati Bengals. Neither the offense nor defense look strong. Quarterback Eli Manning suddenly can’t find the end zone while his wide receivers can’t get open and his line can’t block. This is a history very familiar to Giants fans. Head coach Tom Coughlin always gets his team off to fast starts until November rolls around and things start to fall apart. Injuries can explain the problems on defense but for the first time it seems like the team doesn’t have enough playmakers in the offensive huddle. Aside from Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, there isn’t a receiver defenses fear while the well of good tight ends the Giants produced has dried up. If they want to continue their run at titles they must keep the cupboard full with good players. Normally New York doesn’t dabble in free agency but history is on their side there too. The last time they took a receiver from Pittsburgh, Plaxico Burress was a Pro Bowl target for Manning who caught the game-winning pass in Super Bowl XLII. Adding Wallace would give the team a deadly trio of targets and allow the front office to address other needs at tackle, tight end and defensive secondary.

Mike Wallace believes in the Pittsburgh Steelers but their future is cloudy if Ben Roethlisberger can’t return from his injury. The New York Giants need to reload around Eli Manning and a rare jump into free agency could do the trick.

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