Could the New York Jets Land Dee Milliner and Tavon Austin in NFL Draft?

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While the arguments continue about quarterback problems the sour truth of the New York Jets is they need help at the skill positions. Armed with another second round pick, could they go after Tavon Austin and Dee Milliner?

Milliner stock slipping due to injury and NFL draft depth

One thing fans love about the NFL draft is it’s almost impossible to predict. A player can have everything going for him one day and a few weeks later a little snippet of information leaks and suddenly he drops out of the first round. While that is not likely to happen to Dee Milliner or Tavon Austin, experts do admit their stocks are among the hardest to read. For athletic talent there are few players in the draft with more. Austin boasts game changing speed, agility and open field running offenses love. Milliner is a big corner who can run, play physical and change direction with ease. What has held them back is things largely not in their control. Austin is only 5’9″, too small to become a prototypical number one receiver. Meanwhile, Milliner still hasn’t fully recovered from a torn labrum injury he suffered at Alabama. Since teams wish to interview and work him out he hasn’t had time to rehab the injury properly. That could mean he won’t reach full strength before training camp and might impact his entire rookie season. This is disappointing news for some teams. Is it a beacon of hope for others?

Jets draft approach comes down to Mark Sanchez and Darrelle Revis

The Jets have held news headlines of late thanks to their frantic trade activity. Everyone has heard that the team dealt All-Pro corner Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay for the 13th overall pick and a conditional pick in 2014. What New York does at this point will depend on how much they feel the need to replace Revis and how much they trust quarterback Mark Sanchez. The 2013 quarterback class is not heavy on talent, which could force the Jets to wait out another year and hope Sanchez somehow turns things around. Either way they do have the picks to address both problems. With Milliner in danger of slipping they could give Rex Ryan an immediate Revis replacement with the 9th overall pick and then use the Buccaneers selection to give Sanchez a badly needed weapon in Austin. The picks would come with risk but the potential payoff is far greater. It comes down to what new GM John Idzik has in mind.

Dee Milliner is still good enough to go early but the NFL draft changes with the winds. If they blow the right way the New York Jets could land him and Tavon Austin in the space of minutes, giving their roster a totally different look.

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