Countdown’s Keith Olbermann: Is There a Deal with Sorkin?

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Coutdown’s Keith Olbermann may have been let go by MSNBC this past week, but the talk of the town today is that he may pick up a sweet deal with Aaron Sorkin.

Aaron Sorkin is of course the king of script writing, recently winning a Golden Globe for The Social Network. HeÂ’s also been nominated for an Academy Award for the script too. Perhaps the show most people know his writing from is West Wing.

Sorkin apparently is working on an HBO pilot about a cable news show. He was on Countdown, while he penned part of the upcoming script.  HBO did not confirm or deny the possible ‘news’ show.

The Hollywood Gossip rumor has it that Sorkin may reach out to Olbermann for some inside news ranting dialogue and perhaps even a few cameos. The acting part could be perfect for Olbermann, itÂ’s a mix of Sports Night and Countdown.

Keith-Olbermann-Aaron-Sorkin_320.jpg It’s believed that Olbermann has a six-month waiting period under the terms of his buyout from MSNBC. So perhaps, we will be hearing more about this mystery ‘news’ show in the coming months.

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