Countess LuAnn Talks Pregnancy And The Heather/Ramona Feud

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is serious about becoming a mother for the third time. Her and her boyfriend Jacques Azoulay have been together for nearly two years and want to start a family of their own.

On last night’s episode of Real Housewives of New York, LuAnn even visited a fertility center where she received acupuncture. “My experience with acupuncture was really pleasant. It looks more painful that it actually is,” she said in her Bravo blog. “You can feel a calming energy emanating from the needles and the acupuncturist was really professional and encouraging.” It’s hard to believe that having someone put a bunch of needles in your body would be relaxing; it seems like it would be the exact opposite — painful!

Rather than deal with injections and hormones, LuAnn and Jacques have chosen to go down the holistic path. That is sure to be a more healthy route, and at LuAnn’s age, she should do as much as she can to be healthy. It’s dangerous to have babies at her age, and often, pregnancies result in complications.

LuAnn explains, “I’m using vitamins, acupuncture ,and other naturopathic approaches. Jacques and I are very much in love and we continue to try the “old fashioned” way!!” She even told her doctor on last night’s episode that she and her man are having “a lot of sex!”

As for the ongoing feud between her co-stars Ramona and Heather, LuAnn says, “I wasn’t surprised that Ramona dissed the boutique and the clothing, nor was I shocked that she got into it with Heather even though Heather extended an olive branch by including her.” Heather invited Ramona to Curve, but Ramona felt as if it was another way to seclude her by giving her the less fashionable clothing. Watch out, the mean girls are here!

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