‘Countess Vaughn: Life After: “The Parkers”’ Episode 7

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Countess Vaughn might have been brought up in a tiny town in Oklahoma but her “Life After” was far from small.

Ever since she was a small girl Countess had a big voice. She was always singing and dreaming of what life would be like as a big star. Her dad was a school teacher during the day and a mortician at the night. Her mom taught school as well. But even though the family might not have had a lot of money the one thing they had was plenty of support for their young daughter, Countess.

Countess had entered and won many competitions including “Star Search” in 1989. She was immediately signed up with Virgin Records but they had no idea what to do with her but her parents saw more to their young daughter and they all moved to Los Angeles for her career.

It was in California where the small Countess found her first role on television’s comedy show, “227” where she played the character of Alexandria. It’s also where she met Jackee Harry. TO this day Countess does one great imitation of Jackee which she gladly did for the camera.

She did many other television series but the one that put her on the top was when she played Kim Parker on “Moesha.”

Viewers heard about problems on the set of “Moesha” but Countess said that basically that was because they were all teens. They did play pranks on each other and got angry at each other but the star felt that things like this were expected to happen because of their youth. But the character of Kim Parker was very popular and Countess ended up with her own spinoff called, “The Parkers” were she worked with Monique. The two were a dream team and enjoyed acting together but Countess wanted more.

Yes, she was acting and singing but she wanted a husband and a family of her own. Countess rushed into marriage to begin a “Life After” and had a baby boy. Her son was the pride of her life but her marriage didn’t work out. They didn’t stay married but did remain good friends.

But if Hollywood wants anything they want their actresses to be rail thin which Countess never was. She joined “Celebrity Fit Club” and lost some weight and a husband. Her fans watched her go through the turmoil of her divorce during the show.

Countess then became very sick during filming of the reality show, “The Rapping Show.” She became allergic to all the glue that she was wearing to keep her wigs on. HEr scalp became lacerated and her skin started to peel off.

Even though Countess still sings and writes her own songs her “Life After” is now concerned with her three children. She loves being a mom and basically stays home taking care of her children even though she still believes that performing is in her soul. As she says, “I’ve come into my own.”

Here’s a video of Countess singing on, “Moesha.”


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