‘Counting Cars’ ‘Back in the Wind’ Recap

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The second episode of “Counting Cars” this week has the shop customizing a motorcycle for a disabled man.

The episode begins with Danny going to the bar he owns, Rock Bar & Grill. His manager called him about a 1960 Caddy Coupe in the parking lot. Danny wants to take a look at it and see if he can buy it.

Chris, the car’s owner, said that it’s all redone and is flawless. Danny wants it because he’s sure he can sell it for at least $60,000. He offers Chris $25,000. Chris says no. Danny then offers $30,000; Chris says no. Then Danny offers $50,000 and Chris says, “This is the car I’m gonna die with. Maybe they’ll bury me in it.”

A disabled man, Tommy, comes into the shop with his wife. He used to ride a Harley but since he’s been in his wheelchair he hasn’t been able to ride any more and he misses it. He’d like Danny and crew to customize his bike so he’ll be able to drive it again with his wife by his side.

Shannon, the motorcycle customizer, suggests to Danny that they put a side car on the motorcycle where Tommy can wheel his chair into and drive it from the side car. The wife will sit on the bike itself.

This is going to be a little complicated. All the motorcycle’s control have to be put on the side car so that Tommy can control everything. Danny says that the motorcycle has to be safe but also cool to look at.

Ben, who owns a car lot, call Danny and Kevin to look at a K & D 1978 El Camino that’s been sitting in the lot for a while. Danny explains that Reggie Jackson and Bill Clinton owned this kind of car. The car is rust free, runs nicely, and most of the parts are there. All it needs is a new interior and a paint job. Danny calls it, “Sweet.” He buys the car from Ben for $1,000.

Danny does say that buying the car is a bit of a gamble. He can make $5,000 on it but only if it costs less than $10,000 to fix.

The customized bike for Tommy is being driven by Roli and Scott is in the side car. They need to make sure that it’s safe and that the driver will have full control. Things are good but they soon realize that they need to put in a reverse gear. Motorcycles don’t have a reverse gear because the driver just walks it backwards but Tommy can’t walk it backwards so a reverse gear has to be put included.

Danny wants the El Camino to have “stank” to it so he brings in a Corvette to show the crew what he wants.

The shop does what Danny asks and the El Camino is red like the Corvette and has everything else Danny wanted. They even have a buyer for it, Paul.

Danny wants $20,000 but Paul says he’ll pay $17,500. Danny stays with $20,000, and with some pushing from Scott, Paul agrees to $20,000 and signs the papers.

Tommy’s Harley is ready for him to see. Danny and Kevin drive it over to Tommy’s house and Tommy is practically in tears when he sees it. He loves it and will once again be able to drive his motorcycle with his wife by his side.

Shannon and the rest of the “Counting Cars” crew did a great job and brought some joy back to Tommy’s life.

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