‘Counting Cars’ ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ Recap

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This week on “Counting Cars,” Danny makes a reckless buy at an auction and Big Ryan gets a lucrative Harley project.

The first episode of the week starts off with Danny and Kevin at the Adesa Car Auction looking for a car to buy. Kevin warns Danny that they can’t spend more than $15,000, like that would ever stop Danny from getting what he wants and he wanted a 1964 Ford Rancho Camaro.

This is a post war vehicle and Elvis had one just like it. Of course Danny wins the auction but the car is a real mess. Kevin calls it a rust bucket and says, “It’s a piece of crap and should be sold for scrap.” But Danny sees some beauty in it and spends $1,100 to take it back to Count’s Kustoms.

Kevin tells Danny that they won’t make a dime on it. Kevin bets $500 that Danny won’t be able to sell it for a profit and Danny bets that he can make a profit on it.

Danny and Big Ryan are on the prowl for another car but Ryan drives them to the home of a mechanic, Steve. Steve customizes motorcycles. Danny sees a cycle he’d like to have for the shop knowing that he could easily sell it once it’s fixed up. Steve want $3,000 for the bike and Danny counters with $2,000. Steve then asks for $2,500 and Danny agrees because he’s sure he can make a $5,000 profit on it.

The Camaro from the auction is being fixed up and Kevin is very suspicious of what’s being done. Remember, he has a $500 bet saying that Danny won’t be able to sell it for any kind of profit. The car has no floor and Scott is very upset because the car is falling apart right in front of them. Kevin looks like he’s spending the $500 already.

Horny Mike is going to customize the motorcycle that Danny bought from Steve. The shop even has a buyer for it already–Larry.

Larry wants skulls on the bike and gold leaf and some other things that he goes over with Mike.

Big doings are going on by the Camaro. It’s under a sheet and no one, especially Danny, is letting Kevin see what’s going on.

When the Camaro is fixed Danny allows Kevin to see it. It’s not a car anymore but a pool table! A pool table? Yep, the bottom part of it is on wheels but the top part of the car was taken off, some metal put over it, and it’s now a pool table. It’s a Ranchero Pool Table and Danny knows he can sell it for a profit. Kevin wonders just who would buy it. Initially, the car cost $1,100 to buy and Danny put in $6,000 worth of parts in it. The pool table cannot be sold for less than $7,000!

Meanwhile, Larry loves the bike Mike customized for him. “It’s perfect.” The bike has contrasting chrome and it just stands out. Larry buys it for $12,500 and Danny makes a profit of $5,000.

But the pool table, the pool table, who will buy it? Danny brings in his good friend, Rick Harrison, from “Pawn Stars” fame. Rick thinks that the 4-foot by 8-foot table is interesting and thinks he might be able to sell it for $10,000. Danny tells him to buy it for himself but Rick says he’s, “Not allowed to buy furniture for his house.”

Rick offers Danny $5,000. No way will Danny let it go for that and tells Rick he needs $8,500. That’s too high for Rick who counters with $7,000. The two agree with $8,000. Danny won the bet!

The Count from “Counting Cars” lightens Kevin’s pocket of $500.

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