‘Counting Cars’ ‘Framed’ Recap

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In this week’s first episode of “Counting Cars” Horny Mike finds a coveted bike frame on private property and Danny stops the sale of a car that could cause the shop to lose a lot of money.

The show starts out with Danny and Kevin looking at a car that Scott told them about. It’s a 1973 Dodge Charger. They go to talk to the owner, Johnny, at his repair shop. There’s practically nothing to the car; no engine, transmission, hood, or motor. Scott led them to believe that this car could run without the help of Danny and Kevin pushing it. But Danny still thinks that it’s a good car and wants it. Johnny will sell it to them for $1,700 but when Danny offers him $1,500 in cash Johnny agrees.

A few days earlier a customer came into the shop asking Danny to make him a customized motorcycle. But this bike needs a special frame that is low to the ground. Mike has found a man, John, who has the exact frame that’s needed.

John says he was going to use the Atlas frame for a project that he was going to do but has decided that it’s best to just sell the frame. He’d like $3,500 for it and Danny offers $2,000 in cash. John says if they could agree to $2,500 there would be a deal. Danny agrees.

The Dodge Charger is all fixed and quite nice with its new interior. Danny hopes to get $23,000 for it. Scott has a customer coming in for it but Danny needs to take another look at it. He likes the car but says that it seems bland and he wants something more to be done. Scott is unhappy and says the customer will be in soon but Danny tells Scott to tell the customer to come later in the day.

Danny tells Mike and Ryan to add some satin black details to the Charger and to add the black to a few other places. Ryan says it will take about three to four hours to add the paint but Danny tells him to do it just the same.

The customized motorcycle is finished and the customer, Michael, is coming in to pick it up. Danny proudly brings it out. The bike is now orange in color, low to the ground and long, with a cup holder. Michael takes one look at it and says it has a, “fat sexy butt with a skinny waist.” That translates that Michael’s in love with it. Danny says it was a fun project for him to do and he made a $4,000 profit on it.

The Charger finally meets to Danny’s standards and the customer, Dave, says it’s outstanding. The engine and transmission were rebuilt and the color is now gun-metal gray with black accents.

Danny would like $28,000 for it but Dave said he has a wife he has to answer to and says he can pay somewhere in the low $20,000’s. They both eventually agree to $25,000 in cash. Danny, the Count of “Counting Cars” says the “devil’s in the details.”

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