‘Counting Cars’ ‘G-T-Whoa!’ Recap

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For this week’s second episode of “Counting Cars” the crew looks at a 1967 Pontiac GTO and a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.

The show starts with Danny and Kevin at the Viva Las Vegas Hot Rod Show. Danny explains that this show isn’t so much about cars as life styles. They’re at the show not to buy a car because no one who shows their car wants to sell it. But Kevin and Danny go look at the parking lots to see if anything of interest catches their eyes.

As they’re walking around Kevin asks Danny if he has any sunscreen. “Sunscreen?”, Danny asks, “Do I look like I walk around with sunscreen?” No, he doesn’t but Kevin should think about doing it since it’s mighty hot and sunny in Las Vegas and Kevin doesn’t have much, if any, hair on his head.

As Kevin worries about his sunburned head, Danny sees a car that he’d like to know more about. He meets Charlie, the owner of a 1967 GTO Convertible. It almost makes Danny sing. Charlie informs Danny that it was designed by the same man who designed the DeLorean.

Charlie admits that his car is not in the best of conditions; the wiring is bad and there are wires hanging out all because Charlie is trying to fix it. The transmission is messed up as well. At least Charlie is honest.

Danny asks what Charlie plans to do with the car and the owner says he wants to get rid of it. Danny perks right up and asks Charlie how much he wants for the car. Charlie asks for $15,000 but Danny says that there are a lot of problems that he’ll have to fix and it isn’t worth more than $9,000 but he’ll pay to tow the car out of the lot. Charlie thinks this is a good offer but he’d like to get $12,000. Danny goes down to $10,000 but the two agree on $11,000. Danny is thrilled because he’s sure he’ll be able to sell it for $50,000.

Later on Danny and Kevin are driving around cruisin’ for cars and they spot a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro that is lacking an interior. It’s parked by a house and Danny knocks on the door to see if the owner will talk to him. Trevor, the owner, lets Danny and Kevin look at the car and admits he wants to get rid of it. Danny perks up again. He loves this car and says that it can go really fast. Trevor allows Danny to take the Camaro out for a drive leaving Kevin with Trevor as collateral.

Danny says the car is a dream to drive and knows he can get $30,000 for it. He asks Trevor if he’d sell it and Trevor asks for $15,000. Danny counters with $11,000, Trevor counters with $14,000 but the two agree on $13,000.

Kevin and Danny are thrilled; they’ve bought two cars in one day.

Back at Count’s Kustoms, Danny and the crew start to work on the GTO. They look under it and remark that the bottom is tight and right. They spot that it has high performance parts. The worst part of the car is the wiring but the crew can fix that.

Scott is thrilled with the GTO. He says Danny “hit a home run” with it and Scott will be able to sell it for a lot of money. The total cost to Danny will be about $22,000 – $25,000 but Scott can sell it for $50,000.

But Danny whispers to Kevin that he plans on keeping the car. Kevin said that Scott “is gonna be pissed.”

As Danny is driving around he sees a man, Dion, on a 1990 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle. It’s called a ‘Fat Boy’ because the cycle sits “low and wide.” It’s also the bike that Arnold Schwarzenegger rode in “The Terminator.”

Dion tells Danny that the bike has a seven gallon gas tank which is twice as much as a regular motorcycle. The bike is also custom-made. Of course Danny has to ask if Dion will sell it. Dion says he won’t and that the bike is a labor of love and “My pride and joy.”

Back at the shop the Camaro is all ready to be sold. Scott says it looks beautiful and he has also found a buyer, Max, for it. Max says the car is “absolutely awesome.” The body lines are straight and there are new seats, carpets, doors, and panels in it. Danny wants to sell it for $40,000 and Max counters with $30,000. The two eventually agree to a sale price of $35,000, that’s a profit of $14,000 for Danny.

The GTO is also finished and Scott has found a buyer who will pay $55,000 for the car. Scott goes with Danny as they drive to the buyer’s house and this is when Danny says he’s going to keep the car. To say Scott is angry is an understatement. Scott tells Danny that Count’s Kustoms could make a $35,000 profit on it but Danny wants this car.

The star of “Counting Cars” is very happy with his new ride while Scott is sending Danny some mean looks.

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