‘Counting Cars’ ‘Searching for Soul’ Recap

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In the season finale of “Counting Cars” Danny and the crew find themselves singing Barry White songs as they restore his Stutz IV Porte for his wife, Glodean.

In a previous episode, Danny and Kevin found Shane driving a car they were interested in. In this episode, Shane comes in to talk to Danny about a project. Shane’s fiancé, Tanya, has a beat up 1957 Chevy pick up truck and as a gift, Shane would like to turn it into a hot rod for her. He’d like the original chrome to stay on it but wants it to be painted dark metallic blue that almost looks black. He’d also like the interior to be buck skin and because Tanya is a teacher he wants an apple incorporated somewhere on the truck. Danny knows that the truck is in rough shape and he isn’t sure how it runs but knows that this will be a good project for him.

Danny received a phone call from his old friend, Glodean White who was married to the great soul singer Barry White. Barry owned a Stutz IV Porte but it’s been sold. She’d like Danny to find that car and restore it to the way it used to be when Barry had it.

Ryan saw Barry’s car and he and Danny go to the home of the owner, Kelly, who wants to sell it. Danny says that in 1979 the car was worth $70,000. Now it’s worth a lot more.

She lets them look in the truck of the car which should be trimmed in white fur if this is really White’s car. The fur is there and Danny tells her that Barry White used to own it. She’s impressed but still wants to get it out of her driveway.

Danny offers her $5,000 but she said that since Barry White once owned it she’d like $10,000. They agree on $8,500.

At the shop, Shane comes in to talk about the budget to restore the pick up truck. Danny shows him all the problems. Among other things the front end is too short and it needs a new frame. Shane wants to spend $15,000 but Danny said it would cost closer to $25,000 to fix it. Shane agrees saying that it, “Almost comes down to how much I love her.” He also says that his life is to make Tanya happy. Aww.

Danny tells Glodean White that he’s found her husband’s car and she’s thrilled. She tells him to spare no expense to restore it. Danny wants this car to be perfect.

The Chevy pick up is ready for Tanya to see so Danny and Shane drive it to her teaching job. Of course Tanya starts crying when she sees it. She says the truck is exactly how she wanted it to look. Then Danny tells her to look at her gear shift. It looks just like a red apple that would make any teacher proud.

Barry White’s restored Stutz is ready for wife Glodean to see. Glodean is crying saying it’s been years that she’s seen the car and that it looks like Barry. She also says she knows Barry sees it because he’s still always near her. Danny starts to tear up. Danny said that restoring that car was one of the most important things he’s ever done.

Season one of “Counting Cars” ends here. Wait a second, is that Barry singing “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” to Glodean? Maybe it is.

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