Country Artist Chely Wright Comes Out

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Country Artist Chely Wright is announcing that she is a lesbian.  I’m not sure why that is such an issue, but it apparently it has been a very buzzworthy topic today.  Part of the reason it might be a big deal is because of what she says in an interview with People Magazine: “There had never, ever been a country music artist who had acknowledged his or her homosexuality,” she said.

Until researching her claim somewhat, I was unaware of that there were no openly gay country stars, but apparently she is the first to come out.  Good for her.  It is somewhat surprising given today’s culture that it has taken this long for a country singer to come out.  The nature of country music these days really doesn’t have an aura of toughness and grit like it may have had back when cowboys were commonplace.  I know Gene Autry wasn’t gay, but even then that type of music wasn’t really tough.

So was it fear of people not being accepting of their being gay?  Probably, but that’s unfortunate.  There are a lot of other openly gay artists so it is definitely surprising that it has taken until now.

With that established, who is Chely Wright?  I’m pretty sure I have not heard of her before.  Admittedly, country music usually doesn’t find its way into my CD player, but I feel like she is someone the general population might have heard of to make it a little significant.  She has been nominated for awards by the Academy of Country Music Awards, and has released 11 CD and a 20th Century Masters CD, but still I have no idea who she is.

Well, at the very least hopefully she will help pave the way for others to come out.

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