Country Music Star Randy Travis and Wife Divorce

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Country music star Randy Travis and his wife of 19 years, Elizabeth “Lib” Travis, are divorced. Prior to this announcement, they had been known as “one of country music’s longest lasting couples.”

According to People Magazine, Randy Travis and wife Elizabeth “Lib” Travis are officially divorced. The divorce was finalized as of Friday morning. Official court papers list “state of incompatibility exists between the two parties,”as the reason for the filing. Divorce papers were filed in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the couple owned a home.

A representative for both Randy and Elizabeth Travis gave the following statement regarding their divorce to the media.

“Elizabeth and Randy Travis have agreed to part ways. Elizabeth will remain Mr. Travis’ personal manager. They do not intend to comment any further and ask for your respect for their privacy during this time.”

Elizabeth Travis has served as manager for the country music singer for many years. She met him at a bar she and her former husband owned. Travis, who was sentenced to jail breaking into a convenience store was saved from the sentence by Elizabeth, “who convinced the judge to release him into her custody” for safekeeping. He lived with her and her husband at that time.

Rumors circulated that Randy Travis was the reason Elizabeth and her first husband divorced, but she has vehemently denied these claims, preferring instead to say he may have “given her the courage to leave a bad situation,” but didn’t wreck the marriage. It sounds like Elizabeth is trying to convince herself of that “truth” as well as everyone else, doesn’t it?

Randy Travis has watched more than thirty of his country music singles reach the Billboard chart. Sixteen of those singles made it all the way to number 1. He has since switched to singing gospel music, and has been the recipient of several Dove Awards since making the change.

What makes 19 years of marriage go sour? There doesn’t seem to be word of a third party involved, but some celebrities are able to keep things hushed. It seems like an awfully long commitment to one another to simply throw it all away. But then the lives of celebrities are often very different from those of the average person.


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