Couple Have Sex While in Handcuffs on the Way to Jail

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Sex while in handcuffs may be nothing new. However, one Texas couple did it while under arrest and on the back seat of a squad car while being taken to jail. The arresting officer had to pull off the road.

After arresting Howard Windham and Tina Marie Arie, the pair were handcuffed and placed in the back seat of an officer’s squad car. While the officer was driving the pair to the local jail, he noticed he could no longer see Tina in the rear view mirror. Pulling to the side of the road, the officer turned to find a rather unusual scene in the back seat.

Despite both suspects being restrained, the officer discovered the couple were engaged in sex while in handcuffs. Somehow, Tina had managed to get Howard’s zipper down and had started to perform oral sex on her fellow criminal. Despite having a private X-rated show in his back seat, the officer stopped the couple’s amorous adventure and separated the pair. The officer continued to the jail with the couple without further incident.

The whole situation started when three people were found passed out in a car on a fast food parking lot along a lonesome Texas highway in the community of Porter. When officers arrived, Howard was trying to revive another man who was unconscious. While the officers were awaiting an ambulance to take the unconscious man to the hospital, they discovered Hydrocodone and Soma pills in his possession. Tina Marie Arie confessed to having delivered the pills to the two men. Just a normal day on a Texas highway requiring a non-routine trip to the jail. Thanks to the couple deciding to have sex while in handcuffs, the officer now has a story to tell at the local coffee shop.


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