Couples wed at White Castle Nashville

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Couples wed at White Castle in Nashville. That’s right, at a fast food joint. Apparently some people entered a radio contest and won a chance to – get this – exchange vows at the place that Harold & Kumar go to when they are high.

White Castle SignJennifer Walker and Noble Holden were the first couple of the day to be married at the White Castle in Nashville. Apparently they frequented the place a lot when they were first dating according to the Tennessean. Todd Edison and Jaimee Baker of Dickson County were married the same afternoon.

These newlyweds aren’t the first couples to wed at White Castle! The contest is held annually and hundreds of happy (hungry?) lovebirds enter for their chance to exchange (onion) rings. It’s a fun story to be able to tell and sure, it’s a little strange, but for the right people it’s perfect.

In case any of you were wondering, there is never a shortage of condiments so go ahead, fall in love at White Castle!

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