Court Rules that Jailbreaking Iphone is Legal

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The Iphone is capable of a lot of things, but it also has its limitations. But a lot of tech savvy individuals have unlocked their Iphones so that they can run software that isn’t approved by Apple. Until now, Apple saw this as a breach of contract and they reserved the right to fine users for Jailbreaking their phones. But a court ruled today that jailbreaking is legal

The decision is just one of many changes to a 1998 federal law that prohibited people from “bypassing technical measures that companies put on their products to prevent unauthorized uses,” reports the Huffington Post.

Without Jailbreaking an Iphone, you can only download apps from the app store. Unlocking your phone allows you to use open source software.

The new law makes sure that users can not suffer legal action by jailbreaking their phones, but Apple can still void your warranty, or deny you software upgrades. Since Apple has never really pursued fining people for jailbreaking their phones, the new law doesn’t change much.

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