Court to ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood: No-Contact Order Stays

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Teen Mom Amber Portwood was disappointed when a judge told her the no-contact order between her and ex-fiancé Gary Shirley will remain in force. The two had been thinking of getting back together when the no-contact order was issued back in December.

According to a report from RadarOnline, a judge denied the request to have the no-contact order lifted, meaning it will remain in effect until further notice. The order was enforced after Portwood was arrested and charged with three counts of domestic battery for her assault on Gary Shirley, and one count of neglect of a dependent, namely her two-year-old daughter Leah.

Perhaps this denial on behalf of the judge will help teach Teen Mom star Amber Portwood a valuable lesson. It seems since giving birth to little Leah, she hasn’t taken her responsibility as a mother very seriously. She has been wrapped up in her sporadic relationship with Shirley who is Leah’s father and in having fun on the town with friends and members of the paparazzi.

Leah is constantly left with babysitters, while Portwood parties, spending the money she makes from the reality TV show.

Amber Portwood needs to wake up and understand the seriousness of her actions. They aren’t cute little scenarios that endear her to her fans. They are serious issues, and some of them are criminal issues. Someone needs to wake this young girl up before her actions cause irrepairable harm to herself or to someone like her daughter.

The judge likely made a wise decision in not lifting the no-contact order between Portwood and Shirley. The two Teen Mom stars inevitably equal a volatile situation, usually due to Portwood and her anger issues. Keeping the two apart is in the best interest of everyone involved, especially daughter Leah, until Amber Portwood can get the help she so desperately needs.

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