Courteney Cox Bored With Marriage: Scream 4 Character Connects To Real Life

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Courteney Cox is bored with her marriage. At least, her character in the “Scream 4″ horror flick currently in production now  is.  In the film, Cox’s character, Gale, is married to the character of David Arquette, Dewey. Filming “Scream” is how the couple first met and fell in love in 1996. They married in 1999. Now some are wondering if real life and art are not all that far apart in this instance.

Actresses Courteney Cox and co-star Busy Philipps took to the set of Cougar Town in Los Angeles, California on August 10, 2010 with cups of coffee in hand to start the day off right. Fame Pictures, Inc

Talking about “Scream 4″ recently, Courteney Cox said the following about her character Gale in the film series, according to Entertainment Weekly:  “I kinda gave up my job as the entertainment journalist. I’ve written six books, but now I have major writer’s block. I’m bored with my life and bored with my marriage and bored with the silly small town of Woodsboro.  It’s actually the anniversary of the first killing in Woodsboro. When she arrives to promote her book, things start happening, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Could this be what has happened in Courteney Cox’s real marriage? Could she have become bored with it? Earlier this week, it was announced that the marriage between Cox and Arquette had come to an end for now. Arquette even openly talked about having an affair on The Howard Stern Radio show on Tuesday.

As it stands right now, “Scream 4″ is still in production, and it has a release date set for April 2011. Is there a relation between the marriage of Gale and her husband Dewey, and the real life marriage of Courteney Cox and David Arquette? Probably not, but anything is possibly when it comes to Hollywood and Hollywood relationships. Go here for the latest in entertainment news and gossip.

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