Courteney Cox on ‘Howard Stern’ Show: “I don’t think we tried our hardest.”

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Courteney Cox surprised her estranged husband, David Arquette, on the Howard Stern Sirius XM show. Arquette has been making appearances alone all week at the Stern studio. He has been fielding intimate questions about his marriage and split from Cox. Arquette was quite shocked when Cox showed up unexpectedly.

Even though it is clear that the celebrity couple still loves one another, the future of their relationship still remains unclear. Cox is still afraid that history will repeat itself with Arquette. The “Scream 4” actress admits that the couple didn’t try hard on their marriage. Cox stated, “I don’t think we tried our hardest.”

As Stern peppered Cox with questions, she was candid and open about her relationship with her estranged husband. She admitted that she would be hurt if her husband became intimate with Jennifer Anniston.

Being Howard Stern likes to come up strange questions, Cox was asked if she would sleep with another woman and Arquette. She said that she wouldnÂ’t. Must he ask such bizarre questions?

Courteney Cox also admitted that she has their daughter, Coco, sleep with her at night, because she is afraid of being alone in bed at night.

David Arquette candidly admitted that he had most likely done some things to ruin their marriage, but he is adamant that he wants his marriage to work out. He also explained that any future woman that he hooks up with will have to understand that she takes third place next to Courteney and Coco.

Well, ladies, forget about David Arquette if he was the man of your dreams. What lady would want a man that is obsessed with his ex?

David Arquette is much more passionate about reconciling with Cox than she is. He stated, “We have a family together. We have beautiful love. She makes me laugh like nobody. We can live a happy life together.”

Hopefully, the celebrity couple will find their way back to one another, especially for the future of their precious daughter, Coco.

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