Courtland Rogers’ Bisexual Rumors Cleared

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Rumors are going around that Courtland Rogers and 17-year-old girl, Ashley Meeks, had sex and that he begged her to use a “strap on” on him and that he is bisexual.

James Duffy, Jenelle Evans’ former boss, received the information from Ashley via Twitter.

Courtland has since blocked Ashley, and this morning, Jenelle tweeted a screen shot of the message that Ashley sent Courtland from her sister’s Facebook account to clear up the rumors that she started.

“I’m sorry any of this even happened and putting everything on blast was wrong of me.” Ashley said. “Duffy was bribing me soooo much and he made me say the strap on thing so he could make the news.”

Jenelle posted a second screen shot of the rest of Ashley’s message where she persists that Courtland call her. It sounds like Ashley is a tad bit obsessed with Courtland and Jenelle and wants to be in the spotlight.

Somehow, all of this drama ties back to Duffy, who always seems to find some way back into Jenelle’s life and this time he is involving minors. When will he put a stop to it and quit obsessing over Jenelle?

Now that the rumors are all cleared up, hopefully Courtland and Jenelle can return to normal and people can stop assuming that Courtland is bisexual, which seemed totally ridiculous to begin with.

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