Courtland Rogers Resurfaces on Twitter

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Courtland Rogers has reportedly returned to Twitter after his account was suspended earlier this afternoon—and already, he’s started some trouble with his wife Jenelle Evans’s ex-fiance Gary Head. However, is the new account really Courtland or could it be an impostor?

“EVERYBODY FOLLOW MEEEEE I GOT MY LAST ACCOUNT SUSPENDED AND NOW THIS IS MY NEW ONE….LETS GET IT,” the new account tweeted about an hour ago. Then, he tweeted several other popular accounts associated with Teen Mom 2 including Classy Carmen, Jade Dolph, and Gary Head. But when he tweeted Gary, he called him a loser and Gary wasn’t happy to see it. “I have not said ANYTHING to you IN DAYS. Why do you continue to talk sh*t?” Gary asked.

It’s still a mystery as to whether or not this is the real Courtland, but one thing is for sure—whoever the account belongs to is really doing a good job of getting the word out. He already has over 600 followers.

So far, there’s been no word on why his account was suspended in the first place.

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