Courtney Cox Divorce – Denies Trial Separation with David Arquette will Lead to Splitsville! Howard Stern Confession not a Factor?

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Will Courtney Cox divorce David Arquette? So far, the answer is a resounding “no!” It seems Courtney Cox does not want to be a cougar just yet. She continues to insist that the trial separation with David Arquette will not lead to divorce…instead they are both determined to work on staying in the marriage.

COURTNEY COX 24x36 COLOR POSTER PRINT Apparently, despite David Arquette’s loose lips and even looser morals, Courtney Cox has no plans to leave him. Although she admits they have grown apart, she stated that they are still inseparable in many other ways. David Arquette recently told Howard Stern, having sex with another woman was the first thing he did when the marriage turned into a trial separation.

Upon the agreement between himself and Cox for a trail separation, the “Cougar Town” actress told Arquette to take care of his needs. At that moment, what he needed was a release! So, like a dutiful husband, he took her advice and released his frustrations into another woman! After 11 years of marriage and a child, one would think Arquette had become a wiser man, husband and father. Unfortunately, even though Arquette is nearly 40, his actions were still juvenile.

Like many wives, it’s likely Courtney Cox is putting up a united front while she’s suffering a broken heart inside. Only time will tell if their trial separation leads to a stronger marriage. However, one thing is certain, what Arquette did will always be a painful memory for Cox. No one wants a spouse that cheated! What do you think will happen to this marriage?

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