Courtney Love Angry at Frances Bean Cobain for Engagement

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Courtney Love is perhaps one of the best mothers since June Cleaver. Wait, no she isn’t. In fact, she’s been estranged from her daughter for several years. Now that Frances Bean Cobain lives in a $1.9 Million mansion with her new fiance’, Courtney is livid.

You see, Courtney Love has been attempting to force herself out there ever since Frances Bean Cobain inherited the trust fund left behind by her father, Kurt Cobain. It just seems rather convenient that Love would publicly lay on the schmooze to get her daughter’s attention now that she’s come into some money. It’s also quite convenient that she’s doing this during a time that she’s being sued by a fancy jeweler. Good going, ma! Anyway, she’s already tricked her daughter into answering phone, under the guise that someone else was calling. She did that just so she could scream at her.

Now, she’s extra mad to find out that Frances Bean is engaged to be married to the frontman of The Ramblers. Get a grip, Courtney, Frances is a grown girl and obviously she’s done well taking care of herself since she never had a decent mother in her life. Let the girl live and learn, make her own mistakes and control her own finances. It certainly doesn’t look like she will be suffering from any of the drug addictions that took her father’s life and ruined her mother’s.


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